After the development of the endodontic and rotary instrument devices, Vistar introduced several dental instruments and procedures for the safe and efficient removal of crowns and bridges. This included The Stoll Crown-Expander ™ I and II. These procedures were rapidly adopted by over 90% or the dental schools, thousands of dentists, and hundreds of hospitals and clinics throughout the United States and Canada.

Next came the development of The Vistar Endo-Retrieval ™ System; a comprehensive procedure for the safe removal of separated endodontic instruments, posts , and cores. These evolved into the Endo-Chuck ™ Systems, The Endo-Extractor ™ Systems, and the EF ™ Forceps. The EF ™ Forceps was selected as one of the ”Top 100 Dental Products of the Year” by Dental Products Report [DPR]. Both Systems are still considered the most effective and advanced procedures available today. 

The company then introduced the first pure titanium retention pin system with an all metal shank to the U.S. market. The Refil-Pin™ System used a reusable shank which resulted in the most economical delivery of this unique high quality product. Next came the introduction of the following products:

  • The ETF ™ line of esthetic trimming and finishing carbides.
  • The Vistar Micro-Finishers ™ and Macro-Finishers ™ for the unsurpassed finishing and polishing of composites.
  • A line of gingival curettage diamonds.
  • The Superbur ™ – A superior crown cut-off and amalgam removal bur.
  •  The Acrylic Pear-Bur ™ and Acrylic Round-Bur ™ - A latch-type bur engineered for fast and accurate acrylic adjustments.

Seven years ago Vistar began research in and development of new procedures and materials for cosmetic dental veneering. These procedures utilize a new and highly advanced composite thin film technology and isolation devices to dramatically and conservatively whiten and restore teeth. These methods require a fraction of the time for placement compared to traditional veneering techniques and are totally noninvasive requiring no tooth reduction or anesthesia. This is the first composite material dedicated exclusively to whitening teeth.

Recently, Vistar has expanded into the broader consumer market by the introduction of the Smile Wand ®. It is a totally self contained, and transportable, personal device which we believe safely whitens teeth faster then any other currently available system and simultaneously, quickly removes coffee, tea, and tobacco stains.

In the near future we will be adding the Bio Mask® and Ocupatch ™ line of unique personal protective, corrective, and magnifying optical devices to our product line. This will include the Cure Shade ™ Patch used to protect against the harmful effects of composite curing lights, and the Bio Mask® which is a state-of-the-art Medical faceshield composed of a superbly designed reusable frame and quick change disposable lens. We believe this shield system is the most comfortable, best functioning, and most economical shield on the market today.